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Cypress sober living homes, homes are really clean!
Our homes are located in very upscale neighborhoods!!
The home is very clean and has really nice people!

For openings, specials, or details call: (714) 786-8050
We have the best homes in all of Cypress!
The homes are run by the best managers!

We are located throughout Orange County, CA plus more!

Answers to questions people ask.

When did we start the first home?
    The first sober living home was the home located on the border of Huntington Beach and Westminster. It started taking in people over thirty five years ago. The first person taken into the home was from Arizona. The person did not have a job and very poor at that point in time. With a little help from another person they purchased some clothes from a thrift store for $3 dollars so they could look for a job. Within a day they found a job working as a salesperson. They worked many years for same place until they retired a few years ago. Each year we have added more to what we do and along the way we have added more homes. Over the years we have added many homes to our network of sober living homes to searve you. Giving A Hand to those in need for many years. Our first rental homes was opened over forty years ago in Los Angeles County, California and is still operated by us today. Other homes located throughout the United States have also been operating for years. Within the next year we will open more homes with room rentals in Los Angeles County in the South Bay area. 

Are there many success stories?
 Yes. there are many success stories. Many of the adults without children have gone on to be very successful. Many of the  parents that lived in the homes were reunited with their children. Many people that lived in the homes have moved on and are working in jobs that help other people. Some have started their own business. Over the years there have been hundreds and hundreds of success stories. 

How do we do it?
    A team of volunteers working together make it work. Many of our volunteers are previous residents that had lost everything.  Some had given up hope that anything would change for the better in their lives. Some had lost everything. Some were battered, some were homeless, some had lost their children and some had lost contact with their family and real friends. By living in one of the homes, it permitted them to change their lives for the better and they did! Just having access to people that have been in similar situations or a sober home to live in can make anything possible.  

That is included for people living in the home?
    All the homes have free wireless internet, free utilities, free home phone, free cable and lots of free food. Everyone living in the home has full kitchen and living room privileges. All the homes and rooms are fully furnished. Some of the homes have swimming pools and spa. Some of the homes have wonderful city lights and mountain views. All the homes have in the home washer and dryers. All the homes are within a few miles of California beaches and shopping centers. 

Who are we?
    We are all volunteers that have lived or now live in one of the homes. We are a group of compassionate, hard-working volunteers that work together to help other people so they may also have the chance to put their lives back together. Over the years parents with children have become a very important part of our homes.  Over half of the people that live in our homes are children living with  their parent or parents. 

How does a person enter the home?
    Simple,  Just make a phone call to one of the phone numbers listed on the home page. Or call 
( 714 ) 496-6464 or (949) 281-7448
. The person you contact will talk to you and arrange for a meeting with one of the home leaders. The home leader will review what your needs are and then show you the home. There are not any added deposits required. 

Where are the homes located?
    The homes are located in the North, South and Central parts of Orange County, California; including Cypress, and also to keep the homes operating for the other people. The volunteers also have full and part time jobs. Most of the volunteers have families to take care of as well. All of the home leaders are made up of volunteers that live in the home. The volunteers work with government agencies, answer the phones, do interviews,  help the residents and take care of the endless amounts of paper work. 

Do I need to be sober to live in the home?
    Yes. The people living in the home must be and remain sober. The homes are sober living homes. The homes are designed for long term sober living. Some of the homes are designed for Single adult. Some of the homes are designed for parents in Central Texas and other areas.  All the homes are located in very safe and clean neighborhoods. Most of the homes are located close to shopping centers and bus stops. The homes in California are all located within a few miles of California beaches. The homes in Texas are located in Central Texas. 

Is there a time limit on how long a person can stay?
    No. We will never ask someone to leave because they stayed too long. Most of the people stay for a long time. There have been many people that lived in the homes for years and some still do. When there are children involved it becomes especially important for the parent to live in a longer term stable family type of sober home like our homes. 

Do we take in adults with children?
    Yes. We welcome single parents and couples with children. Children are an asset to the homes. The children living in the homes add to what makes the homes with parents with children even greater homes. Some of the homes do not have children and some or the homes have children. 

Do we take in couples without children and couples with children?
    Yes. We welcome couples with children and couples without children. Couples have become a large part of our homes and the success the people living in the home have. 

Do we take in single women and women with children?
    Yes. We welcome women without children and women with children. Some of the sober living homes are designed just for single women without children. Some of the homes are designed for women ( mothers ) with children. 

Do we take in single men and men with children?
    Yes.  We welcome men without children and men with children in the homes. Some of the sober living homes are designed just for single men without children. Some of the homes are designed for men ( fathers ) with children. 

How do we keep the fees so low?
    It is because of the volunteers that donate their time and abilities with children or family unit living. For more information please call (714) 496-6464 OR (949) 281-7448

Is there a list of  homes?
    Yes.  There are lists of Sober Living Homes and Housing. Here are two web sites that provide a lot of information that include, their locations, the cost to live in the homes, virtual tour videos of the sober homes, real pictures of the homes and other important information. One web site with a list of sober living homes is and another web site with a list of sober living homes is

Sober Living Homes related information.  
The homes are a sober living homes that welcome single females without children. women with children, (mothers with children) couples without children, couples with children, men without children and men with children (fathers with children). Some of the other names people use in other related fields to sober living housing are recovery homes, recovery centers, detox centers, recover sober living homes, sober living homes, rehab center, sober living program, detox program, sober living homes, rehab homes, halfway homes, transitional sober living homes, halfway house and treatment centers. They are all names we do not use and we are not. We are sober living homes with  family type of living. Virtual tour video links of some of the home below. Giving A Hand to those in need of Sober Living Homes. Giving a hand to people in need. All the homes are located throughout California, including Cypress.

Sober living homes with private and shared rooms.  
This page provides links to lists of sober living homes and  sober housing with rooms. Some of the rooms are private and some are shared rooms. Please call for availability for the private and shared rooms. The homes are located in Orange County, California. If you need information please call today. Each home is located in very safe area of California.  We provide low cost housing for people in need. ( costs ) The homes are located in or close to Garden Grove, Aliso Viejo, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Cypress Anaheim, Irvine, and other cities. Recovery Homes, Rehab homes, Treatment facility, Drug transitional Facility, Detox facility, Co-Ed homes are just some of the names used. Women, Female, Men, Couples, Children, Kids, Mothers, Fathers, Students, Male, Shared, Private, Furnished, are other names used.  Some of the homes have a Pool and some have a Upscale Workout Room and Hot tub. The homes provide good Parking areas for the people living in the homes. There are Bus stops for people to go to work or Shopping in all but one of the homes. Shelter. Click on pictures for more information. The pictures above are real pictures of the homes. 

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